About the Rock and Mineral Sample Queue

What It Is

The rock and mineral sample queue remembers the order in which a collector wishes to recieve his or her rock and mineral samples.

Think "Netflix", except with rock and mineral samples.

How It Works

The rock queue uses a click and drag functionality to establish the list order.

The list order is stored for the collector. If a sample runs out of stock the item will temporary fall off the list, but will return in the same position when the item is replenished in our inventory.

In order to use the sample queue, you must have user access to a subscription. Use the button below to check your access privleges.

Check Access Privleges

Why It's Cool

Rock and mineral collectors can customize their collection and prioritize the samples that they want.

For instance, perhaps a collector likes quartz samples, samples from the Mohs scale, or colorful minerals. The sample queue helps him or her tune the deliveries to their liking.