About Gift Subscription Setup

What It Is

Many of our users purchase a Rock of the Month subscription as a gift. While this usually works when everybody shares the same computer and email address, this is not always the case.

Using the gift subscription settings feature, the billing administrator can grant user level access to different account holder.

With user (collector) access, a seperate account holder gains access to the sample queue, gem mine, box credits, and shipping features and information.

A user that has been granted collector level access to your subscription does not have access to billing information or billing history. Since rock of the month works off of a flat subscription price, granting this access will never result in an increased monthly payment.

How It Works

Simply enter the new users email address into the gift subscription setup page.

For the transaction to complete, the email address must belong to a registered user.

If the email entered belongs to a registered user, they will be notified by email that access to your subscription has been granted. If the email is not found in the system, the page will offer you the opportunity to send an invitation email.

In order to grant access to another user, you must be an administrator of the subscription. To verify your access provleges across all of your accounts, use the button below.

Check Access Privleges

Why It's Cool

The Rock of the Month club is a great way to introduce kids to the earth sciences. Gift subscriptions allow one person to administrate the billing, and a child (or parent/guardian) to enjoy the collecting features.