Rock of the Month

Kids Rock and Mineral Collecting Club

The rock of the month club helps children build a high quality rock collection and is the best way to introduce kids to rocks, minerals, geology, and the sciences.

Subscription Notice

Thank you for your interest in Rock of the Month. As a result of popular demand, our new subscriptions are currently on hold.

We expect this hold to last throughout 2018.

Again, we appreciate your interest and apologize for the inconvenience.

Rock and Mineral Collecting

Free Shipping

The cost of shipping ROTM samples anywhere in the US is included in the subscription price.

Any additional shipping, including replacement collector's boxes and additional samples is also included in the base subscription price.

Pricing Control

When you create a ROTM subscription, your price is set for the duration of your subscription.

We never charge extra for shipping, replacement collector's boxes, gem mine samples, changing the order in which samples are delivered, or for help requests. Everything is included in one upfront, low price that doesn't change.

User Tools

New subscribers need orientation, especially if the subscription is an unexpected gift. Every ROTM subscription starts with a welcome kit that includes a new collector's box, the first sample, a rock and mineral booklet, and a welcome letter that explains how the club works and how to access the online tools.


Does your collector like to collect colorful samples, quartz variants, rocks only, minerals only, or maybe a combination of all of these? We are constantly evaluating our lineup and acquiring collectable samples for our subscribers. The real time status of each sample (in stock or out of stock) is displayed online.

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Sample Queue

Collector's develop a taste over time. We understand that and believe that this is a key component to curiosity and learning. That's why we developed our sample queue. Think "Netflix", but with rock and mineral samples. The sample queue allows our subscribers to customize the order in which rock and mineral samples are delivered each month.

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Gem Mining

Bakers taught us a trick when they invented the baker's dozen. What could be better than twelve samples per year? How about 14? We liquidate excess stock by offering free samples to our subscribers through a program that we call the Gem Mine.

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Mineral Rights

Traditionally, mineral rights give a land owner the ability to transfer natural resource ownership to another user. ROTM mineral rights give our subscribers the ability to transfer subscription ownership (and pricing control) to a friend. To start a mineral rights transfer, simply open a help request.

Box Credits

What happens when you fill up your collector's box? You order a new one. With each sample delivery you earn a box credit. Once you have twelve credits (just about the time your collector's box is full) you can exchange these credits for a brand new collector's box at no charge.

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Gift Subscriptions

In the early days of ROTM, we learned and many of our subscribers were aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, and friends. The problem? They owned the subscription but the actual user lived in a different home (often a different city or state). The gift subscription functionality allows a collector to access the collector features and the billing administrator to access the billing features.

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